Winter Camo – Bear Skull Dip!


Do you Check this awesome Bear Skull dipped with Winter Camo! This center piece will be the talk of the man cave, cabin or anywhere this Bad A*S lands.

White basecoat applied to have the branches & film really pop. Finished with a super durable clearcoat to give it shine & protection for lasting years of stories!

Social-Overlay-GraphicDo you have any European mounts that you want to have hydrodipped? Well, you have come to the right place! We can hydrodip just about anything you can think of and these skulls and mounts have been a great product to work with.

Contact us today and we can help you with your next project. Learn more about us by visiting our site at Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC.


Dragon Ball Z – Motorcycle Dip!

Take a dip to the wild side of action hero’s! This fun and exciting dip was brought to us by a customer that was thinking outside the box.  This bike & rider is going to turn heads cruising down the road.

Contact us so we can show you more about what we can do for you and your motorcycles facelift using Hydrographics!


Learn more by visiting us at Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC. We have a large variety of hydrographic films in stock & can order a specific film you have chosen with no problem. All our items are carefully prepped, and sealed to ensure a quality product.

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Custom Michigan Hydrodipped Sign!

Yes, we said it! Michigan Hydrodipped Sign made out of 1/4″ steel from DiRosa Welding! They did a fantastic job on the cut out & welding of the bottom plate. Very talented and experienced welding right there.

This is a new adventure for them with the custom signs and now taken the next step for getting them hydrodipped.  The hydrographic film selection as you can see below in the photo is the most popular camouflaged water transfer printing!

Must we say… “IT WAS A SUCCESS”… We are very pleased with the outcome of the pattern & look this film has to offer.

Hydrodipping in Northern Michigan has been an exciting venture with taking it to the next level. Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC. offers top quality customer service & superb work. With over 20+ years of experience with paint & auto body repair, Hydrodipping was a no brainer to take on.


Contact us today for your next project. With over 2,000 films to choose from we can change your entire look for your Camper Covers, Snowmobiles, Guns, ATV’s, UTV’s and so much more.

Learn more about us here at Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC. We offer the best suggestions and strive to the fullest for the top quality product.

Carbon Fiber on a Custom Gun Stock!

What an adventure! Taking this custom built gun stock used in Long Range Target Competitions! This little baby can hit a target up to 1,000 yards! WOW!

With this Hydrodipped Gun Stock, it will be the hottest one at the competition! If you are looking to get your gun stock hydrodipped, Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC. is the place to go. We ensure the highest quality of work & customer service.

Over 20+ years of experience goes hand in hand with delivering the best! Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC. is located in Northern Michigan. If you are not close, don’t worry! We can always take shipments via mail!

There are over 2,000 films to choose from to fit your personality and your piece you want hydrodipped!

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May the “Dipping” be with you!

May is already here and spring has sprung! We are jumping full force into the dipping craziness here at Arrow Hydro-Dip, LLC.

Michigan Hydrodipped signs are becoming a popular item with a variety of films to choose from including flames and much more. With Water Transfer Printing we can apply to any item that is either glass, metal, plastic or wood. There are over 2,000 films and patterns to choose from.

With over 20+ years of experience our skills can exceed your needs! Contact us today so we can help you with your next project!


Hydrodipping Projects – Next Level!


Take an adventure with us here at Arrow Hydro-Dip and explore the endless possibilities! Dipping ranging from Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Guns, Bows, Helmets, Engine parts and so much more!

With over 2,000 different combinations, you will find a look that fits you!

If you can think it….. WE CAN DIP IT! This is the new face of customization!

Contact us today at Arrow Hydro-Dip! View our other projects HERE.

Located in Northern Michigan and locally owned. We have the skill set to make your next project the best project ever!

Hydrodipped Kryptek Camo Gun Stock!

Take a step into the Kryptek Camo World with this nicely hydrodipped gun stock! This gun stock has been a vision of a customer that wanted to take it to the next level.

With the Kryptek Camo Hydrographic Film & using a light pewter basecoat helped create a new look and feel for this gun stock. If you are looking for different colors now worries, we can make it happen! We also offer a larger pattern of the Kryptek Camo including the smaller pattern as shown here. FB-Post-for-After-Dips

With over 2,000 films available to fit your needs of your gun stock, we can get down and dip it!

Check out our other projects and jobs we have done for customers HERE. With this large variety we have several options to help you turn heads!

Contact us today at Arrow Hydro-Dip!

View our website at or call us at 231-409-2176!

Hydro-Dipped Deer Skulls!

Are you tired of the same look of your deer skulls, bleached out and just hanging there with no Hydrodipped deer skull statement given? At Arrow Hydro-Dip and the variety of film choices, we can hydro-dip your deer skull with a custom look at feel!

Let your guest walk into your man-cave, living room or garage with “WOW”. Arrow Hydro-Dip offers over 2,000 films to choose from! It’s the new face of customization.

We are in Northern Michigan offering a large variety of services from auto body work & repair to hydrodipping your guns to golf carts! You name it!

Contact us to learn more & get your next project dipped! Check out our photos HERE!

hydrographic camoflauged deer skull   hyrdodipped deer skull

Camping Gone Wild! Flame Hydrographic Film

Are you tired of the plain looking propane tank covers on your camper? Are you looking to shine and stand out at the campground? Look no further.  Arrow Hydro dip went above and beyond for this customer with their hydrographic request for their camper!

Blue Flames with Automotive Clear to stand up against the outside elements during camping and of course stand apart.

Arrow Hydrographics located in Northern Michigan is a top notch company that offers Hydrographics in Northern Michigan and automotive body repair.  If your toy or project has any type of damage we can fix it and dip it!

Contact us today to learn more about the hydrographic process.

Hydro-Dipped Harley with Skulls!

This customer wanted to look apart from the crowd when he chose the “Inferno Skulls” to be applied to his Harley Davidson.  Arrow Hydro Dip had taken on the challenge of making his Harley the best in town.

When searching for a company to take on his project here in Northern Michigan, Arrow Hydro Dip was there.

This bike turned out amazing with the Hydrographic Film applied to the blue base coat. We can’t wait to see when this bike is put back together.


Hydrographics is a less expensive way to create a custom look to your toys, car parts, rims and much more.  It holds up longer then vinyl wraps which can easily peel away, fade away and damage easily.  With our process here at Arrow Hydro Dip we put in the extra steps of repairs if needed and apply an automotive clear to hold up to the elements.

If you are looking to customize your next project or even give a facelift to your toy, the varieties are endless.  Contact us today to learn more! Located in Northern Michigan we offer hydrographics and auto body work to all customers!

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